Presented By: Wesley Bealla


Church media as a whole is one of the most important parts of each church service. If it's not good your members may not be able to hear the sermon or even hear the reading or choir. In this workshop we will go over sound systems, the do's and don'ts of tvs and powerpoints in church, and how to successfully get into live streaming both for small and large budgets. We will also cover the reasons why adding powerpoints and live streaming to your services will help bring you the the 21st century without really having to change how you do church now.

Bio: Wesley Bealla is currently the Director of Communications & I.T. for Elm Park UMC in Scranton PA. He also runs his own I.T. and communications consulting business WB Consulting and is a part time student at Penn State Scranton. Wesley has volunteered to help at former Wyoming, former Central Pennsyvannia Conference, and now Susquehanna Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church Annual Conferences and other events since 2006 and had an internship his senior year of high school with the I.T. and Communications departments of Susquehanna Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church from 2015 - 2016.