Job Opportunity

Executive Assistant / Financial Coordinator

Position Available

Elm Park UMC , Scranton, Pa


Elm Park United Methodist Church in Scranton is looking to fill a key Full

Time Staff Position. The person will see to the day to day duties of the

church office as well as caring for the regular financial responsibilities of the

ministry. The person will act as the administrative assistant to the pastor as

well as the supportive needs of the other church staff. The role will also

include maintaining and updating the membership and database files.

The Financial responsibilities include managing all accounting and finance

functions of the church, including general accounting, accounts payable and

receivable, payroll; budget and finance reporting.


Similar professional experience and energetic passion to work in a vibrant

and multi-faceted setting are essential qualities. The incumbent will possess

strong organizational skills, accounting background, computer competency,

general office capabilities and will exhibit a strong Christian character.

Proficiency in Sage Accounting Software (formerly Peach Tree), Microsoft

Office is preferred.


Applicant must successfully complete background check clearances for PA

Child Abuse, PA Criminal History, and Federal Criminal History and a Credit

Check Report prior to hire. References a plus.


To apply, send a resume and letter of interest to

Rev. Mike Bealla

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or by mail to

Elm Park UMC

c/o Rev. Mike Bealla

712 Linden Street

Scranton, Pa. 18503

(570) 342-8263


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UM Army

We are very pleased to announce that Elm Park will be hosting the UM Army for the third year in a row. The youth mission camp will arrive on Sunday, June 25th, work throughout our community helping those in need, and depart on Sunday, July 1st. If you are in the area, later in the day during that week, please pop in, give a smile, and ask how their day was.

As you know, kids can eat. If you are able to provide baked goods for their lunch or dinner, that would be awesome. Just drop any items in the kitchen clearly marked for the UM Army the weekend of their arrival or during the week.

Please keep them in your prayers as they travel and serve.

Thank you,

Mission Team

They Are Ringing Again!!

Our magnificent bell tower stands high in the city of Scranton as a symbol of God's presence.  Located high in the tower are 10 cast bells manufactured well over 100 years ago.  Cast before bells were "tuned" by machining, our bells are beautifully honest in their pitches which produces sharp and clear tones when they are struck.  Over the years they have reminded folks within earshot of God's presence here at Elm Park.


But for too many years they have been silent.  Behemoth chunks of bell metal waiting patiently to ring out.  When I arrived last July I heard the sadness of the silent bells which once announced Elm Park's presence amidst the noise of the city.  The Trustees prayed that somehow, someday the carillon could be repaired although estimates were received in the tens of thousands, well beyond the gifts that were pledged for the repair.


I shared the story of the Silent Bells with my oldest son Jeremy who was so excited about the prospects of repairing the bells, he investigated how we might restore the system again. Thanks to the commitment of our Trustees, and the labor of my two sons who we joking call "Bealla and Sons Bell Repair," the bells of the tower are no longer silent! Each bell now has a new electronic and mechanical striker.  They ring the Westminster Chimes on each quarter hour as well as tolling the time at the top of the hour!  All of this has happened for less than 1/4 the estimated cost which faced the Trustees.


Although there is a bit more updating to do to finalize the repair, they are back and the city knows Elm Park continues to proclaim Christ's presence throughout the city!!